Church Hacks (Part 2)

by Melissa Parkhouse

Welcome to part two of the Church Hacks blog series!  Last week I shared some easy tips on getting your heart ready before you come to church on Sunday (check it out here).  Let’s continue with the next Church Hack, which happens to be on one of my absolute favorite topics: worship.

Church Hack #2:  Come Ready to Get Your Praise On!

When you show up to church, having your heart in a place that is ready to worship the Lord is crucial!

Psalm 100 exhorts us to, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His Courts with praise!”

In this verse, the word gates is an image for the Presence of the Lord, thanksgiving and praise are ways that we can create an atmosphere for God to dwell.  Psalm22:3 says that God is ENTHRONED on the praises of His people.  That means our praise builds Him a throne.  Since He is God and King over all, perhaps we should make it a good one!

We spend sometimes half the service on this one area, so to get the most out of the praise and worship time, try the following tips:

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